Stay at House Raduha

Hisa Raduha - bivanje - simbolična fotografija

The architectural design that combines the old with the new, created in cooperation with exceptional architects, creative artists, and local masters, creates a distinct feeling of comfort in the hayrack, a dreamlike experience in the tree house, and pleasant luxury in the homely old stall. Experiencing the structure, as well as the nature that surrounds it, will bring you closer to a world of nostalgia.

Our wooden houses are a culmination of modern design that takes into account traditional knowledge of the masters. They were created as an answer to our desire - local, pristine, individual, modern, and in concert with nature. And we have added the warmth of home - with flax fabric, felted decorations, lavender cosmetics, chocolate pralines, and other thoughtfully chosen details.

Awaiting you in your accommodation of choice will also be soft bathrobes, a private massage pool, an LCD television, free Wi-Fi and a mini bar with superior wine and natural juice.

Udobje in oddih v Hiši Raduha Udobje in oddih v Hiši Raduha Udobje in oddih v Hiši Raduha Udobje in oddih v Hiši Raduha