Cuisine in House Raduha

krožnik iz penziona Raduha

Cuisine in the House Raduha is only but a sequel and homage to the stories of three wonderful cooks – my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. My credo – I am a lover of shapes, colours, scents and flavours. It is no coincidence that the expression “good taste” has spread into all branches of art and life. I do my best to make the dishes speak for themselves and for me. Through well-made dishes I try in my own way to convey nature to my guests, with a little spice of course. Constant imagination and inventiveness are in the nature of the culinary profession. As I want to combine culinary knowledge, tradition and innovation, I am in a constant search of new ideas and flavours. Tradition is wealth for which I feel deep respect and try to pass it on to the next generation. The whole family is part of this culinary corner that gives us a chance to freely express ourselves.

Martina Breznik

Restavracija - Hiša Raduha Restavracija - Hiša Raduha Restavracija - Hiša Raduha