House Raduha. Luče,
an idyllic village in the Upper Savinja Valley,
at the threshold of the famous Logar Valley.

From the direction of Maribor or Celje, 
you can reach Luče through the
Savinja Valley by travelling past Mozirje and Ljubno.

From the direction of Ljubljana, the quickest route is past Kamnik
towards the Črnivec mountain pass, through the valley
Podvolovljek or across the Črnivec pass, through Gornji Grad,
and then towards the Logar Valley by Savinja and across
it until you reach Luče.

From the Ljubljana-Maribor highway,  take the
Šentrupert exit towards Logar Valley and then Luče.

Luče 67, 3334 Luče

46° 21’ 20.21”
14° 44’ 46.99”

+ 386 (0) 31 64 57 58
+ 386 (0) 3 83 84 000