Good taste

Cusine in the House RADUHA is not only the
continuation and respect for the stories of
wonderful cooks - mothers, grandmothers, and
great-grandmothers, but also a love and passion
for cooking that is full of surprises and memories
at the same time.

Our credo;
We are lovers of shapes, colours, scents, and flavours.
We do our best to make the dishes speak for themselves and us.

Through well-made dishes and the whole experience, we try in our own way to convey nature and all its nuances to our guests,
with a little spice of course.

When searching for new flavours, we always try to combine the
environment, innovation, and tradition.

Tradition is wealth for which we feel deep respect and we try to pass it on to the next generation.

The whole family is part of this culinary nook that gives us a chance to express ourselves freely.

Martina & Matjaž Breznik

It is no coincidence that the expression
“good taste” has spread into all branches of art and life.

To truly experience the synergy of food, space,
and nature, it's important to let go.

Our menu changes daily, depending on
what is growing in our garden, fields,
and, of course, what our diligent suppliers
bring us from farms, meadows, and forests.

Breakfast is served every morning between
eight and ten, either at our table, in our
restaurant, or in the garden.

Local delicacies are brought to us by locals,
producers from neighboring villages,
and high-altitude farmers.

Dinner at HIŠA RADUHA is a
multisensory experience, simultaneously
exhilarating and soothing.

Each dinner is an event in itself, a unique
experience that everyone perceives in their
own way.

Allow the dishes and surroundings to speak
to you and transform into your own feelings.

We are oriented towards the sun, so dinner is
served at 7:00 PM in winter and at 8:00 PM in summer.

Our wine list is primarily a tribute to the diversity
of wines from all Slovenian wine regions.
Filip is our sommelier and he will gladly guide
you through the world of wines that he himself enjoys.