Hiša Raduha opened its doors in 1875.
Today, three generations live and create here
and they are the heart and soul of the house.

We renovate the house slowly and thoughtfully.
It's a process that is never truly finished;
it's a way of life we have chosen.

We respect the past, but we strive to live
in the present and care for the future.

In Raduha, you will find a blend of food, architecture, nature, and tradition.

The house is located in the old heart of the
alpine village of Luče and takes its name from
Mount Raduha, which descends over the ridge
to a rocky threshold called Breznica, all the
way to the beginning of the village.

Our garden and the Savinja River are
nestled between the house and Breznica.
The murmur of the Savinja will caress you
as you relax, whether comfortably
on a lounge chair or in a hammock.

Staying in Raduha is a holistic experience.
For anyone who takes the time, the experience
is different, personal, and multisensory.

Guests who stay in the house have
the space and time to unwind and let go.